Payouts And Taxes


AllyVolt does not make make any tax suggestions. Any information provided here is purely for informing you of potential benefits and we strongly suggest consulting with your tax accountant for all applicable tax benefits.

What are the available tax benefits of becoming a charger host?

As a charger host, you may deduct anything involved in getting started, this includes the cost of the charger and installation. You may also deduct the cost of electricity used by your customers for all charging transactions. Other deductions may include portion of your mortgage and interest based on the area of the property dedicated to hosting the charger and customers.

Becoming a charger host can be of negative cost even with low customer usage. 


Payout Information


Payouts start at the beginning of each month. Payouts are made for transactions from the date of last transaction paid out to the transactions made 7 days before the payout. This ensures the transactions are settled before each payout to prevent chargebacks. 


As we try to keep our margins to a minimum to provide you the maximum return, payouts require a minimum balance of $50 to be paid out. If your payout amount doesn't reach $50 for a month, it will be paid out with the transactions of the next month.